The Matrix Artprint

«It was a early morning in January 2022, when I saw the Lines of the piece before my inner Eye. And the message was explicit: I must find the Exit out of an ongoing individual and collective Mindf**k; NOW! And therefore I must draw the Portal, through which I will walk and others will do it too. That was one of the first times, I drew an energetic, visual Portal with an effect on my personal life.»

With this beautiful Piece, you are gifting yourself or someone else with the vibration of the Artwork. Which has been illustrated in times of global mental confusion in the midst of debates about right and wrong and shameless finger pointing. It’s a strong Symbol of contrasts getting united. The Portal is a Birthingcanal, through which we walk and wipe off the old dogma of „either/or“ and walk towards a „both and as well as“ Way of thinking.


Vorverkauf / Pre-Order only!

Fine Artprint A3 à 297x420mm

Ein Print der originalen Illustration „Exit the Matrix – Ein Geburtskanal“ von Sonja Masala im Januar 2022.
Fine Art Print auf 350g schwarzem Papier, matt.
Hochwertig gedruckt mit exklusivem White-Print auf Schwarz.
Von Hand auf Karton montiert für die Verstärkung

Kleine limitierte Auflage, Nummeriert und von Hand signiert!

– Fine Art Print A3 versendet in A3 Kartonumschlag



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